Thursday, 20 May 2010

Chara at H & M

I hinted at it last post. Finally I have gotten to see Chara live in concert.

What I like about her is that she has that "Cyndi Lauper, Macy Gray, Bjork" vibe that makes her stand out from all the rest.

She's 40-something, but she looked great. Dressed like a banshee, fully in control of the about 500 or so Japanese crowd that filled the Shibuya H & M store. I was happy to hear "70% - Yuugure No Uta". It's one of my favourites of hers, but I was a little disappointed she didn't sing "Call Me", that turned me onto her music in the first place.

She has a fairly quiet voice, so at times I felt I couldn't hear the full nuances of her gentle voice, but when it was a little softer she sounded as good as she does on record.

The photo nazis were out in force, but I managed to take a few snaps of the occasion.

The event was for "Fashion Against Aids", so there was an abundant supply of condoms to push the cause, as well as a 25% discount on all the clothing for the night. I bought a nice blue and white striped shirt and some cargo pants.

What made it great and a hindrance to good judgement, was that the night was sponsored by Suntory, so getting a lot of Highballs and Cocktails made the buying decisions a little hazy.

If you're "lucky" you might see me on Mtv Japan. A comedian interviewed me. I don't know how well it went, but I mentioned that I'd like to play guitar in her band. That'd be great.

The night came to an abrupt end when after all the finger food and drinks we were in dire need of a bathroom. Looks like H & M didn't have any facilities so we had to rush to Bunkamura to relieve ourselves.

Great night though. Thanks Chara!


Thomas Hammerlund said...

The highball sets look like a good time.

Jimmy In Japan said...

I haven't got stuck into it yet, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much.

Great idea to get customers yopparai to spend money on clothes. It wasn't so great not to have any bathrooms in the building though.

Much fun night t'was!