Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Great Escape

This might look a little familiar. It's another one of Bandai's solar powered LCD series released way back in 1982. I've got a sudden urge to chase that retro nostalgia once again.

This one's called Daiddasou ("The Great Escape") that I picked up on Yahoo Auctions. Again there are two screens. The first our prisoner (that's you) is making a breakout by sneaking up to the bars to saw them out to escape without being caught by the prison guard.

Having successfully done that he's now outside where he has to dodge bullets and guard dogs to make his escape to the van. The second screen is quite similar to Nazo No Pyramid (instead there were spiders and mummies to get to the gold). If I had to say which was better though, I'd say the former.

I had the chance to buy another one but I hoped it would be in better condition for the price. Also in Funabashi I found a "Mr Franken" but there was no sound and I have to say Nintendo's D Pad feels much better than the control on this.

Still on the look out for more of these. Time to hit up the junk shops and auctions.