Monday, 30 April 2007

Bye Bye Scooter

I officially sold my Malaguti Yesterday scooter today. There is no point leaving it in the garage while I will be away for probably one year or more. I will miss it as it sipped petrol and was always useful parking in the city.

I am in the city today as a matter of fact for the last time. It feels very strange not being at work this morning. I brought my Bop It that I got from Angus & Robertson and exchanged it at Target for the last black one there was. Trivial I know, but white can get dirty and black looks oh so expensive.

All around the city there are so many asians, mostly korean I believe. You might think I had a thing for asian girls. Yes, they can be very kawaii but I don't base my rating of attraction on race. There is more to it than that right?

I may finally buy my plane ticket today. Once I've done that there is no turning back is there?