Thursday, 4 September 2008

Retro Funkadelic Watch

It's been less than a week since I was in Akihabara last.

I went back so soon mostly because I wanted to exchange that headphone adapter for the other one (2079 yen) that not only converted the plug, but also had a volume control AND a hangup/call button as well.

They looked slightly hesistant but hey, they were getting more money from me. This is Japan though. I was waiting for them to say "It so difficult.. Solly", but no, not as uncomfortable as other times.

It works great.

It sounds as good as the other adapter, and the headphone hole is not too tight like the other one was. I took the headphone sleeve right off with that!

Not a good thing.

Also now I don't have to rip the adapter out when I get a call. Good stuff.

Another big reason coming here, was another watch that caught my eye last week I was thinking of buying. It's in the same electronics rabbit warren area near the station that I got my skeleton watch and belt.

The brand was KEDE, which again I think is from Hong Kong or China. I still wasn't convinced to buy it. Although the design was unusual, it looked (and was) kind of cheap.

It just so happens that in one of the other boxes was a Japanese-made Citizen 1481010 Independent watch in the same style for 2980 yen.

Although this one's secondhand, it only had a few very minor scratches, and still had the label on it. The leather band shows no signs of wear on the outside (slightly dulled on the inner side though).

This one looks much more expensive and has a funky, retro style that I really dig a lot. Much easier to read than the other one I was thinking of too. I might just change the band for a metal one.

Feeling still in the spending mood, I decided to get an 8gb sandisk micro sd card for 3299 yen. It's the cheapest price I could find. It's made in China. I'm hoping the quality will be ok.

Using one card for multiple gadgets, meant that I've been constantly running out of room taking photos and other stuff.

I was trying to hold off until the 16gb would come out but it's just taking too long and when they finally do, it's going to take a while for the price to come down.

All afternoon it looked like it was going to rain, but luckily it mostly held out with only a tiny bit of spitting rain.

Another good day in Akky! The only thing missing was a Nintendo Wii in my shopping spree. Uh oh..