Sunday, 7 September 2008

When I'm 64

Another boring weekend for me. One reason is that the weather was crap and the more likely reason, I'm just so damn lazy!

So using the internet as my lifeline to English, and a surrogate TV I stayed home.

Many, many years ago my older brother had all the Nintendo consoles, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, Famicon here), the SNES and the N64.

For something to do, I looked around the net for a Mac N64 emulator and sure enough I found one called, Sixty Force. Apart from a nag screen to register, the games look great.

The N64 has a very individual look. Seeing the games it looks like it could only be an N64. Very retro, I like!

I thought to try out Goldeneye 007 and Wave Race 64 that my brother had.

These were a whole lot of fun back in the day, and still are.

Please, please Nintendo, like you did with Super Mario 64, please port at LEAST these two to the Nintendo DS. That will make Jimmy a very happy boy!