Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Tale Of Two Jems

Today I slept through my alarm and had twenty minutes to catch my train to not be late for work. Somehow I actually made it. But what makes me even more happy is I've got another one..

I kept it secret 'til now. I held back until I actually had it in my arms.

Last Monday, the same day I went to the aquarium I put a bid on an Ibanez JEM "bad horsie" BRMR mirror guitar that was on Yahoo Auctions before leaving house.

This is the same one that got me started to buying a JEM in the first place. I missed out on the one from America and when I saw the beat up one in Akihabara, I knew this is the one I REALLY wanted.

At the aquarium I checked the auction and I was shocked no-one tried to bid over me. I was debating whether I really needed it, and at the eleventh hour I was getting cold feet and was considering bailing out on it. It didn't help that the gf was giving me dirty looks.

So fast forward to today. This one's come from Hokkaido and I can't believe how fast I got it. Just two days! Nice.

It was packed really well. Lots of bubblewrap to play with.
Upon opening the case I was in awe. It looks great.

On closer inspection I found a few imperfections.

In a lot of ways the black mirror JEM is in better condition than this, apart from the neck, which I think looks newer on this baby.

In person that mirror looks like a million bucks. Pictures don't do it justice at all. To top it off (literally), the guy had put a mirror plate on the headstock to match the body. Nice touch.

The only thing that I'm thinking of doing is swapping the neck for the vine neck on my BK.

I'd really have to sell the 77VBK as there's no point in keeping them both, right?

So, I'll put it out there.

If anyone is interested in my black mirror JEM, send me a private message on that little box on your right. Preferably someone in Japan, or possibly in Australia where it'd be easier to arrange a direct deposit into my home account.

They both are sweet looking and sounding guitars. Can we keep them? Pllleeeeze..