Monday, 4 May 2009

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Sometimes I have selective hearing.

I hear what I want to hear, and everything else can just switch.. off.

And so it was when I heard "zoo, aquarium", I missed that word "free" until today.

Today is "Greenery Day". No, not Green Day, unfortunately.

Some would say it's a day to be one with nature, but more importantly it means free admission to a few zoos and the aquarium.

Even though it was getting late from my sleeping in, we made a late exit to give us a few hours at Tokyo Sea Park.

As we should have known, it was pretty busy. We had a half hour to enter, and a lot of the aquarium windows were covered in people making it a little hard to see the little fishies.

Compared to the Osaka aquarium, I thought it was better there, but still I think we got our money's worth :)

I guess the particular highlight of this place were the giant tuna swimming pretty fast. In the low light it was hard to take an unblurry pic of these guys. I wasted a lot of my low battery to get a good picture. I will have my sushi revenge!

Because of that I missed out on taking good photos of the outdoor penguins. I had to settle for iPhone snaps.

To get to Tokyo Sea Life Park you catch the Keiyo (NOT Keio) line to Kasai Rinkai Koen station. (On the same line it'll take you to Tokyo Disneyland).

Not a bad day out.