Sunday, 31 May 2009

Two Years In Japan

I know I haven't written in a while. Either I must be having TOO MUCH FUN, and too busy to write, or else I have nothing worthwhile to mention.

Well, today I have something of note to say. I have finally hit the two year mark of being in Japan!

The time has gone fairly quickly. While I have no regrets being here, at times it feels like I'm dragging my feet and every day is exactly the same. I know this might sound strange, but sometimes I forget I'm living in Tokyo.

With my ears blown away from a too loud iPod, I fail to notice I am the only foreigner on the train. I have assimilated so well, that I think that there are too many gaijin in this country. Can't be good for we Japanese, can it?

The other day drinking, one of the other teachers cottoned onto the realization that I am THE "Jimmy In Japan". Made me feel special for a few seconds while downing my Long Island Iced Tea. First time I've had one of these. They pack a nice punch. A "happy hour" indeed. Can't wait for the next outing.

So I raise my glass to you Japan. Thanks for the good times and eye candy. Little by little may I learn a bit more Japanese as every day passes. Another year rolls on to better and "funner" things!

Oh. Thanks for all the enquiries about my black guitar. SOLD! The only way is up.