Saturday, 1 August 2009

Kanagawa Shinbun Fireworks

A first for me is going to Yokohama's big fireworks in Minato Mirai. I went straight there after work armed with my SLR and a change of clothes.

From the moment I got on the train I could tell it would be crowded. I always want to take a picture of a packed train, but it's too hard to take the camera out of my bag. There were people everywhere. Lots of girls in yukata too.

We planned to walk to Yamashita Park for a place to eat, sit, watch and drink, but it seemed we walked in almost a circle to end up near Landmark Tower anyway. At least I finished one of my chu-hi along the way. The fireworks started at 7:15pm.

We found a comfortable place to sit next to the Nippon Maru ship, but a tree was in the way, so we moved along slightly and sat on the wall, with the only obscuring view was the Intercontinental hotel in the way. Still, as you can see I managed to take some nice photos.

I ate some yakiniku-style pork and rice. The grapefruit chu-hi is cheap and nasty, like my women.

I played around with shutter settings to get some neat effects. These would've come out better with a tripod, and without drinking alcohol.

Taking a photo of me pretending to look at fireworks. The Landmark Tower behind me is the tallest building in Japan. Did you know?

The fireworks finished up around 8:30pm as you can see by the clock on the Cosmo Wheel. A couple wearing yukata.

Overall it was a fun little outing. I missed a school party tonight, but I really wanted to catch at least one fireworks show before Summer's end so I think it was definitely worth it. On the train I had my third chu-hi, this time a milder peach-flavoured one to keep me inebriated on the longish trip back home.