Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ueno Zoo and a Spiderman Costume

Last night one of the gang wasn't at work so we didn't have our usual station beers outside the station.

I had pre-bought my drinks at the Daiei as usual so I was more than happy to do that. Instead I was vetoed to go to TGI Fridays for some dinner and a beer. There was some good conversation. I heard that one of the boys scored with the Japanese girl that approached us last time. Hard to see that happening. Ha Ha.. I got a nice smile from a girl leaving with her boyfriend. I guess anything is possible.

Lately I've been staying up incredibly late. Even past 5am and seeing the sun rise. What have I been doing? I found a way to play Windows games on my Mac, so I've become ever so slightly (ok, fix me up) addicted to them, avoiding some much anticipated sleep.

Today is Tokyo Citizen's Day, which meant that Ueno Zoo had free entry and it was my day off too. The problem was that I momentarily woke up at 12, then quite easily nodded off again till 2pm! The zoo was only open until 5.

I had the smallest breakfast of some toast and coffee. Even with minimal preparation I wasn't leaving Yotsuya station until 3.30pm. It's not a long ride to Ueno, but an hour and a half isn't much time to see everything.

Against the odds I got around to seeing everything I wanted to, taking many nice photos. Have a look..

I wish I had more time to take it easy going around. I think most people probably think that zoos are just for kids. There were a LOT of them around today, but I think this is a nice place to take a date or just some quality time alone.

Just outside the gate there were some street performers too.

In Ueno park there's this interesting looking Koban (police box) too.

Not too far away from Ueno is Akihabara. Being so close you know I couldn't resist making a visit. I saw online that the Nikon D5000 was getting even cheaper so I thought today might be the day to finally get it.

I went to one place that was more a warehouse than a shop. They told me I could only buy it online. When I checked later the price had "mysteriously" increased. Instead I got it from Wink Digital where I got my Nintendo DS. Having an actual storefront made me feel more comfortable as well as making sure I could that 5,000 yen cashback.

While I was there I picked up a 3,150 yen Spiderman costume and hentai (boob) mug for 420 yen at Mandarake. I love this shop. Brings out the real otaku in me. Later I checked that the costume retailed for about 10,000 yen so good buy there. It will come in handy for Halloween kids classes, and the debauched Halloween party.

We had talked about going as Akihabara maids, but I think giving up on my hopeful idea of being a stormtrooper, Spiderman is the next best thing. Having a mask allows one to be incognito and no doubt, hijinks is sure to ensue.