Saturday, 19 September 2009

Silver Week

I'm always happy to get more holidays.

We had a Respect For The Aged day on the 21st, substitute 22nd off, and 23rd the Autumn Equinox holiday. Five days off! Having Thursdays off I got an extra day too.

In Shibuya there was some festivities going on so with camera in hand I took a few snaps.

I tried a Gibson Les Paul Goddess tonight.

It's the lightest Gibson I'd ever tried. What I liked about it was the transparent pickups and a nice ebony fingerboard. What I didn't like were the single volume and tone control.

Looks like Gibson marketed this to appeal to women for it's light weight. It sounded really nice. It was reserved until the end of the night and I almost bought it had the person not came to collect. Lucky for my wallet.

Because of the usual exorbitant airfares around holiday time I decided to stay in Tokyo, which usually meant a lot of sleeping in. For something different, on the Sunday we had lunch at Paul.
I had the usual Quiche Lorraine with a side of chips.She had this crepe and egg.
What I really love are the "refill" bread baskets. We usually go two or three of these. Great value all around. That's why we keep coming back.

Sunday's also cheap icecream day. Today there also happened to be cheap 198 yen Haagan Daaz at Gourmet City. By the time I got there most of what I could grab was Green Tea which is not so bad. It's quickly becoming a favourite. I'll miss this flavour when I go back home.

I also felt like getting some alcohol, so I got some new Kirin "Cola Shock". It's a coke and 5% vodka mix. It tastes only of cola. The slight light-headedness gave away the alcohol content.

On the Wednesday 23rd, we went to Higashi Shinagawa along the waterfront. It's always nice walking along the water but there weren't many people around, and that took away a bit of the atmosphere of the place.

I was hoping for better weather to do Mt Fuji. That and the fewer buses making their way there, make going there this year less likely. Not happy about that at all.