Monday, 21 December 2009

Cow A Saki

Instead of the usual militaristic kindergarden classes today I was assigned to do time in Kawasaki.

Not bad, I like it there. It's a little Yokohama, and that's not such a bad thing. It gave me the chance to head to my favourite Hard Off store in that vicinity. I got tempted more than once, guitar stuffs, hentai doll stuffs, everything!

They had a 20% UP promotion which I thought was a discount, but it looks like the "up" means some kind of extra cash for what you sell to them.

Although I could've bought more than I did I only got an Evangelion EX Daibouken Figure: Dark Brigade - Asuka hentai doll. Pantsu you see.. hmm.. OH, and a guitar, but you're sick of hearing me talking that huh?

By the time I got back near work I went to the B Select store, another kind of Off, and saw two watches, One that looks like the JR Yamanote train signs, and another Pimpin' Ain't Easy one that was pretty difficult to read the time. Who would buy SUCH things? Um.. I did.. both of them -_-

Anyway.. after a fairly good day I was surprised to be invited to an impromptu last Christmas party at an izakaya after work. It was up near the top of one of the buildings, and the view over Kawasaki was fantastic.

A great "Last Christmas" finale before I head home!