Sunday, 20 December 2009

Inokashira Park and my new LP Custom

I don't know what it was about this week but I got quite a bit of rudeness from Japanese people in a relatively short space of time. Japanese rude? Yes, I'm afraid so.

One day I was actually DISSUADED from buying a Sony UMPC that had a very nice sticker price. The Sofmap salesman flatly told me there was no adapter, no guarantee. Basically if it didn't turn on, too bad. Now that probably doesn't sound so bad, but the WAY he said it made it seem like he didn't want to deal with a foreigner possibly complaining.

I went to Macdonalds for a coffee while I searched the internet about the cost of an adapter and a battery. Seems like it wasn't too bad so I went back to the store. Unsurprisingly by the time I got back it was gone. I was NOT happy :(

Another time I was in Maccas having my meal. I sat at a 4 person table because there weren't any single seats available after I got my order. Before I was even finished I was told by a server that where I was sitting there had to be at least 3 people. She didn't offer me another seat. I suppose she just expected me to hurry up and leave.

On Friday before I had to go to Ikebukuro, I decided to go and take a look at a Les Paul Custom in Kichijoji that had a GREAT price. I was circling the block for 30+ minutes looking for a guitar shop. Time was almost running out. I had to get to work but I didn't want to waste my train fare and time coming here.

In desperation I asked passers-by for help with the address. A woman totally ignored me and kept on walking. The next guy was MUCH more helpful. Not only did he help me find them but also called them on HIS phone to find where they were! So much of my faith in Japanese had been restored at that very moment. Looks like there is some kindness in this world after all.

To my surprise the shop I had been looking for was actually just an apartment, and a very small one at that! The guy said someone else was coming to look at the guitar that afternoon but I could call back later. He let me take a look at it, but I didn't get the chance to test it out. It was obviously used but considering it's condition and the price it wasn't too bad.

With help from the gf she organised a time today to try again and get the chance to buy it. The person coming to see it didn't buy it but what peeved me was that he held it for that person but he said if someone came in the meantime he would not hold it for me. That made me so mad.

Luckily it was still there. I didn't have an all-nighter from last night's party so I could wake up with a level head. I was surprised I didn't have much of a hangover at all. I might have to give up that trashy cheap chu-hi I've been drinking. Looks like the biru is much better for me.

We got there and I tried it out. It sounded fine and he was helpful enough to pull it apart to show me the wiring and insides of the guitar. I took a lot of photos so I wouldn't have to pull it apart myself. I asked for a discount but he did that Japanese laugh and said, "NO discount, you won't find guitar at this price". Sad to say, he was right, but he didn't have to be an a**hole about it. Rubbing salt in he also said there'd be no guarantee but he could arrange repairs at a price. Great. He didn't even give me a guitar cardboard box he had outside saying they were for his business. ahh.. right. Hello? He gave me some Pepsi boxes to make my own. Thanks..

We made our way nearby to Inokashira Park.

It's the first time I'd been there. They have a nice lake and some boats. I definitely recommend to check it out.

Nice huh? Only a few more days to vacation. Can't wait.


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Those pictures look awesome... why are they so damn small?