Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tomorrow Wendy

The last day before I head back to Australia, we had two things to do -

1. Go see the Christmas Shinjuku Lights and Suica Penguins near Takashimaya Square, and 2. Go to Wendy's for the first and last time.

The Suica Penguin is still one of our favourite characters here in Japan. Damn, any penguin is still cool in our books!

I hadn't bought the gf a Christmas present yet and I was truly stumped what to get her. I thought the best idea was to go to a clothing store and get her to choose something. She liked a United Colors of Benetton jacket that was on sale for 14,000 yen. It looked good. Problem solved.

Not long ago Wendy's announced that they would be closing down in Japan on the 31st of December. Apparently Wendy's are the third biggest burger chain in the world. Strangely enough the ones in Australia sell icecream so I think it must be somebody else.

Seeing that I wouldn't be here, we thought it'd be good to try them out before they are gone for good. Looks like other Japanese think the same thing, as there have been more people than usual since the announcement.
These burgers aren't half bad! I'd have to say they are at least on par with Burger King or better. Better than Macca's, but that's not too hard. Shame about them leaving.

Maybe in many years time they'll rise like a phoenix and come back like Burger King did. Who knows?

I'd like to dedicate this song to them ;) See YOU!