Sunday, 28 February 2010

Black Docs

I mentioned about the shoes I bought recently here. Although infinitely more comfortable than my last cheap pair, with quite a bit of rain and freezing weather I'm either feeling the chill through thin leather, or that rain water is finding it's way into my shoes.

Maybe I should've just paid a bit more money and got some better quality ones. You might remember back here I bought a pair of red Dr Martens. They were a size or two too big for my feet and consequently started doing nasty things to my feet. They kept my feet dry though. I brought them back home, so they'll probably end up on the 'bay.

My best friend, Yahoo Auctions came to the rescue once more. I saw a pair of 10 hole Docs for 9,800 yen. The pictures looked great and the descriptive heading stated proudly, "Super Beauty Item!", so I waited until the last five minutes and surprised myself to be the winning bidder.

The "owner" was a recycle (secondhand) store in Kyoto. They only charged 500 yen for shipping with Sagawa courier service. Amazing considering it cost almost double for my mic from only Kanagawa prefecture with Japan Post. Good thing too was they deliver on weekends. I won the auction on Thursday (25th), paid the next day and it arrived on Saturday. Fantastic!

I had to do the bank transfer with help from a staff member. She was surprised to find the lack of a "transfer" button in English. (Yes, me too..) UFJ took their 262 yen transfer fee for the "help" it gave me.

I tried the same shoes at ABC Mart in Shinjuku to make sure they'd fit me, and after a day walking around even in ankle socks, I can safely say I have a much better fit than the other pair.

It takes a bit of time to "laces up", so I'll still be wearing my other shoes, but it's nice to finally have another of black docs again too. Happy face :D