Monday, 4 October 2010

It's Automun!

While on the subject of food..

It seems like ages since I'd done yakiniku (ok, that is a lie, I went there after I went to Zushi). Gyu Kaku is a great place that's worth it to get an all-you-can-eat fill. Unfortunately tonight we didn't do it, so the bill was 7,000 yen which seemed a little steeper than usual.

I happened to be in Shinjuku today, so I brought along her laptop, and my SLR.

I fixed the old laptop, but I wanted to see if her better, and newer laptop had a real problem, or just needed a new AC adapter. I went to the Sofmap section of the Odakyu Bic Camera where they had a secondhand one to try the power.

At first the sales guy hesitated, but he connected it up, and it worked. So there's one longer than necessary, previously unresolved problem fixed. I was hoping I could get an adapter than would do double duty on my midi guitar, but this Toshiba needs 15V, and the multi adapters here were only up to 12V.

In a fix-it mood, I also bought a bathroom towel suction cup from a 100 yen shop to attempt to improve the home button on my iPhone using this Youtube video. The home button pins are incredibly tiny, so I didn't lift them much at all. I'm possibly getting a new iPhone soon, so I think I'll leave it for now to give this a second try. I got a belt in a temporary shop too. 600 yen, nice.

My bag was heavy from bringing my camera, so I felt I should take a few shots. You might recognise this from a background of my blog.

I can't resist a few "typical graphical" errors that I see everyday. "automun" (Autumn) collection, and Look AT (through) here!!

I don't know if she's meant to look fallen over, but it's funny all the same.