Wednesday, 13 October 2010

This Is Shitty

In Mong Kok there is a centralised building with little shops selling all kinds of mobile phones.

I was hoping here I'd be getting a reasonable price for my hopeful purchase. Strangely enough they already have it in white. It's fairly obvious that it's not the real deal, but a good chance to see it in that colour before it's official. (I prefer black) The prices here weren't all that great, so the search continues.

For the first time today, we're finally getting a taste of the local Yum-Cha food at the London Restaurant in Mong Kok.

It's quite a big place. It was packed with locals, and by the looks of things we were the only tourists there. Ironically with a name like that no one spoke any English which made ordering quite difficult. Lots of delicious food though.

After here we went back to Tsim Sha Sui, to The Peninsula hotel for afternoon tea.

For two people it costs about $HK440, including a service charge. It is VERY sweet and filling. The Peninsula is a luxury hotel, so it's a good way to spoil yourself while you're here.

From here we walked along the Avenue of Stars along the waterfront. It's kind of a "Hollywood Walk of Fame" with famous HK stars handprints in the ground. I didn't know most of the names other than Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

Finally we took the MTR to Kwun Tong. Here you'll find another mega mall, APM. Just so you know. No luck here either :(

Guess what I was thinking?

Once more in defeat, we went back to the hostel area, just in time before happy hour finished, I went to get my pint of Guinness, this time a little cheaper. It's been a long day. I needed this bad.