Thursday, 14 October 2010

Last Day In Hong Kong

Our plane would be leaving not long after lunch, so we checked out fairly early to have a nice breakfast at the Honolulu coffee shop at 33 Stanley St in Central. I had the satay beef and macaroni, coffee, and an egg tart.

Hong Kong feels like a place made to shop, the best sightseeing is the just wandering around the place, the harbour and Victoria Peak the obvious highlights. Although my phone search proved fruitless, I really enjoyed my time in Hong Kong, and I can see myself coming here again. I'd probably stay in Causeway Bay on HK island next time. It's cleaner, and far away from those street hustlers. Can't beat the price on Kowloon though.

My last chance was at Hong Kong airport for the iPhone. Unfortunately even there they were sold out. Every time I see someone with a new phone, I want to shove it to the ground. I might have to succumb to the "dark side" again.


Limo said...

What? Can't you get Iphones at the moment in Japan?

Jimmy In Japan said...

Of course you CAN get iPhones in Japan. Only they are forever locked to Softbank (unless you JB). They are actually cheaper here than Hong Kong. I'm just not sure I want to sign myself to Softbank for another 2 years.