Sunday, 31 October 2010

Kids With Knives

With so many kids classes I have this year, I was thinking about the "fun" Halloween craft lessons I'd have to do.

If you remember last year I bought my Spiderman outfit and put it to good use, so in a way I was kind of excited to get into my "Spidey" persona once again.

Most of the younger kids, (and their parents) really appreciated the effort that I got dressed up. Even mothers of kids I didn't teach asked me to pose for their children! The older ones were a little bit blasé about it. I swear I heard "baka" a few times.

With the activities I got real tired blowing and tying a whole lot of balloons. There was a Jack O' Lantern lesson with real pumpkins that because they didn't want the liability of kid's cutting themselves with knives, they first expected me to do it with a spoon, but later relented and gave only me a knife to cut 4 pumpkins up.

Finally I was really looking forward to the Halloween party, but because of a lame ass typhoon, it got cancelled. Instead I went to a bar. There was a free shot for people in costume. Because there were already two others in Spiderman costumes, I just settled comfortably into my Long Islands.

On Halloween day I went into Akihabara to look for an iPhone 4, and buy some accessories. I found one in good condition for 57,800 yen, but as much as I tried, the salespeople wouldn't bring it down a smidgeon to make me plonk down the cash.

I bought the accessories though, a 980 yen MicroSIM cutter, and a 380 yen bumper case. All I need is the phone now!

Being in geek central, I expected more people dressed up, but it was very low-key. I guess with last year having Halloween on a Saturday makes a huge difference.

As such, contrary to last year, I didn't wear my Spiderman costume like I did last year on the trains. The Japanese and law enforcement would just not understand.

Happyish Halloween!