Saturday, 12 September 2015

Hello Shinjuku

In the morning I kind of woke up to a fairly strong earthquake centred around Tokyo Bay. I guess it's Japan's way of saying "ようこそ". Ga!

I was planning to meet up with some old colleagues so we decided to walk to Shinjuku to make it easy to meet them. Last night I thought the weather was not so bad, but today I could feel the humidity is still around. It was a rare beautiful and sunny day. If I wasn't going to meet up with the guys I would've went to the beach instead. Unfortunately both guys piked on me so it wasn't going to happen anyway.

While most things are much the same as they were, I was occasionally surprised to see whole new buildings suddenly sprung up. Most notably the south-west Shinjuku station building, and the new Toho cinema that replaced the old Koma theatre in Kabukicho. At the moment there is a Godzilla hanging off the top of it, but somehow I don't think that's a permanent fixture.

We went through a few of my favourite guitar shops. I saw a nice Ibanez PS120 Iceman. Even though it's a Chinese version it didn't look half bad. Gotta be strong while I'm here!

Finally we had sushi in Shinjuku. Oh it's SO good to taste real sushi again! You can see the shiny moisture on every piece and the price was more than reasonable. If I only came back to Tokyo just for this, it's already worth the trip.