Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lightsabers and Pedalboards

Lucky for me the neighbour was throwing out a HEAP of cardboard boxes.

I had a look at bags of stuff I left behind when I left. Some things are just going to have to be sent by post. I think again I will leave the big pack for the last minute and still leave something important here.

I have a Master Replicas Anakin Skywalker that definitely won't fit in my luggage and by the size guessing it looks longer than 1.5m to go by cheap shipping, so EMS it is. I tried to sell it by Craigslist before I left, but no takers. I'm guessing with the renewed Star Wars interest it will be worth more.

The other thing is a Behringer midi FCB1010 pedalboard. I got an email for it last time but the guy didn't come to get it. It's set up for Japan 100v, but I've been reading it's possible to change it either by replacing a wire for another wire (which doesn't look like pictures I've seen), or using a different fuse which I'm suspecting is the case. For better or worse, I've posted it back too.

Both items cost 4000 yen each to send back. Because the pedalboard is going by ship, it's going to take a month or two to arrive.

My Crate buskers amp that I inadvertently broke is most likely staying here. While it would be cool to bring back, I may try to sell that here again for cheap.

As I grabbed some of the cardboard, the owner of said cardboard, a Japanese woman, came out and spoke really good English and asked me a lot of questions but had no trouble letting me use it.

It was tricky finding the best uncut sizes, so I spent a long time cutting them minimally for just enough to be allowed to be posted.

At the post office I got the usual "battery?" question. While I think the requirement for sending batteries has been relaxed, this still give me the sh*ts being asked about verbatim.

I was pretty much too tired doing anything else today. May my packages have a safe journey.