Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kawasaki Recycled

Some things you just never forget, for example a thirty minute walk to a recycle shop that I had done many, many times before in my past life.

I'm a sucker for a junk shop when the stuff here is actually pretty cool, unlike the same back home.  Today I went to one of my favourites in Kawasaki. I thankfully wasn't too tempted to buy anything, but as always there were quite a few interesting bits and pieces.

I think being in Japan I might actually lose the ten kilos I gained from being back in a typical Italian household. My feet ached way too soon, and the humidity was just enough to make me feel a little uncomfortable and sticky.

After a nice two hour browse and walk I was back in Lazona tired and hungry. A doughnut and a meat patty burger fixed that.

On the other side of Lazona, in the More's building, is another Off store, and to my surprise they have expanded selling much the same stuff as the place I just came back from! I saw some interesting Mickey watches that I kind of regret not getting. They had the same Danboard I just bought yesterday, a few hundred yen cheaper *sad face*

Lazona has probably one of the best, reasonably priced supermarket, Sanwa. Along with some alcohol and stuff to make Mexican, we picked up some discounted Haagen Daaz limited-flavoured icecream - banana milk, custard and Sicilian lemon pie. Should be interesting.

Outside the apartment the neighbours have left out a lot of cardboard. Very handy for me. I found a box big enough to send a, um, lightsaber back home. Happy days!