Monday, 14 September 2015

Lights on (Nakano) Broadway

I'm never good at getting up early.

Today was actually sunnier than yesterday. A good day to have gone to the beach. I haven't really planned what I really want to do this holiday. Most things have already been done and doing things the second time round doesn't have that thrill of the new feeling.

Because I couldn't think of anything better to do, we went to Nakano Broadway. The place where the REAL otaku go for their geeky kicks.

It was around lunchtime so we had icecream at Daily Chico on the basement floor. It's quite famous for their massive eight flavour cones for 480 yen. I settled for the medium size four flavour for 330 yen. (small is 250 yen). From top to bottom I got fizzy candy, grape, banana and green tea. I liked the banana best. The other flavours weren't particularly memorable. I think there is more effort in the colour than the flavour. She had a chocolate which actually tasted very chocolatey, but I don't think that's a real word. Just like last time I had a huge icecream headache, so recommended if you crave a big icecream fix.

While it satisfied our initial hunger urge I was still hungry so we followed that with a nikuman from a nearby eatery. Quite yummy that was too!

I've realized very quickly that I am quite unfit (and fatter) than I used to be. Walking around the floors of Nakano Broadway got me beat all too quickly.

Lots of hentai dolls to pique my natural curiosity. Resisted the Miku Hatsune dolls but broke my resistance with a Danboard (which is like I imagine Google Cardboard if it resembled vaguely human form. 30cm high I underestimated how big it was. Another thing that will make my packing harder than it needs to be. I wasn't expecting them to add the tax to the sticker price. Ga, foiled again!

I was previously thinking to go to Shinjuku afterwards but after walking around for quite a long time, that was not going to happen anymore.