Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Kind You Find In A Secondhand Store

I must be bored. I assigned myself another mission. Yes, Another Hard Off..

How "hard" can you get?

Because I have another day in Yokohama, I plotted all the Hard Off's on Google Earth closest to here, and chose Tsurugamine on the Sosetsu line, not too far from Yokohama.

There is one a little further away, but I just didn't have the fricken time to do both of them. I always seem to be cutting it fine, but somehow I got to work in plenty of time.

It didn't help that I momentarily lost my way. I got on track pretty quick.

Another reason why I wanted to go, was because when I had planned to leave Tomioka I almost moved into a place in Wadamachi on the same line.

Looking (very) briefly as the train passed the station I'm glad I didn't move there. About ten minutes from Yokohama, it felt not unlike another Tomioka.

I knew I was there when I saw the back entrance. Not only is there a Hard Off but also an Off House.

i ascended the elevator and looked around. Although like the other places, a lot of the items were shrink-wrapped in plastic, there was nothing I wanted.

It's funny. After all the places I've been to so far I haven't bought anything at all.

It's the journey, not the destination..