Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sampleman Saves Kitten

I really should give myself a good night's sleep. It doesn't help when I get asked to save a poor kitty that's been crying on the balcony all night.

"Sampleman®, can you help us?"

I wasn't wearing my power pants, in fact I wasn't wearing.. never mind.

Anyway, it took about ten minutes or so. The little ball of fluff wasn't letting me rescue him easily. Helpfully the little pussy was hiding under the airconditioning unit on the very narrow balcony.

I used an umbrella to coax it out. The gf pleaded with me not to hurt it. If only I could just push it a little over the edge onto the car it probably jumped up from in the first place.

No, I am not that cruel.

Finally with rubber glove, I managed to grab the kitten from underneath and I rushed through the apartment to release the ungrateful furball out the front door. It was like a kitty gun. As soon as I let go a little bit of pressure, the lil' dude was a feline bullet.

Sampleman's mission accomplished, no samples required!

Today after work I made my way to Treasure Factory in Eda, only two stops from the school in Tama Plaza.

Unlike the other recycle shops (did someone say "Hard Off"?), this was an easy ten minute walk and looking around this place it looked like it had items I might actually buy!

It's located in a large green building on the second floor above "Fit Care Depot", a large drugstore.

The prices were actually quite reasonable.

Not much that I was actually looking for though. It was like a combo-Off store with a bit of everything. If you need household stuff: fridge, washing machine, maybe a desk or sofa. This is the place. I think they have a delivery service as well.

I didn't buy anything yet again, but this is one place that I'll definitely come back to on the hunt for a good bargain.