Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Green Machine

I feel like I SHOULD go out on my day off.

I have nowhere in particular to go, so without much thought I went to Ochanomizu and Akihabara again.

I'm hoping to find a reasonable (ie. "cheap") secondhand E-bow that will tide me over before I fork out more yen for a sustainer mod on my Jem guitar, or worse another guitar something like this..

It's a Fernandes Ravelle Elite.

Instead of cutting out bits and pieces out of my new guitar, this one already has the sustainer built-in, and the cost's not much more than just getting the pickup added to my existing guitar. I gave it a try, much to the reluctance of the staff thinking I'm just there to "play and not pay".

It actually feels pretty good. On a distorted tone it sounded quite similar to a Les Paul - nice and chunky. The clean tones didn't blow me away, but were still quite useable. It's made in China, but looked solid enough. I quite like the trippy, but funky Les Paul stylistic changes.

If I wasn't so far from home, and I hadn't already JUST bought a guitar, I'd be tempted with this as well.

I hope I find a cheap e-Bow real soon :(