Monday, 9 February 2009

Pencile And Sicers

Two things I like, a label maker and bad English on print.

Please excuse the "bendiness" of the pictures. I've got my fisheye lens at the moment on my SLR. I haven't used it for a while, so I thought I'd take it out for the day.

I Didn't take that many pictures though.

This here's Yotsuya station. I was hoping I'd get a bit more width of the station and the sign with this lens, but I guess it was just not meant to be.
Australia, the Movie! I haven't seen it, but it gives me the impression of an Aussie "Titanic" from this billboard... maybe.

On my guitar search, I went to five musical instrument stores in Tachikawa.

I'm surprised there are that many there. Most of them were small, but you never know in backwaters like these what interesting things you might find. Sadly, today there was nothing that caught my eye.

The search continues..