Saturday, 7 February 2009

Once You Go Black

Just to kill some time I went to the Shibuya guitar shops again.

I tried a Yngwie Malmsteen candy apple red Fender Strat, and an Ibanez prestige guitar with an ebony fingerboard and vine inlays.

I just couldn't get used to the scalloped fingerboard. I know if I persevered I may have gotten used to it, but it felt like I was slicing my fingers with the strings trying to STILL touch the fingerboard. Pickups weren't hot enough for my taste, but it had some nice tones.

An Ibanez RG7 CTTL prestige looked a little beat up, but what drew me too it was the fingerboard and inlays. It's the first time I tried ebony and that board was smooth. After the YJM Strat this was nice to get around on. The finish was a sickly blue green, with a nice see-through maple top. The guitar was fairly cheap around 50,000 yen, but I'd only really want it for that ebony.

It was real nice.

We had Shakeys tonight, and again we felt bloated and queasy. But it's cheap!