Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Yokohama's Amusement Arcades

Continuing from my last post, I'm going to keep going with my catcher reviews.

This time it's Yokohama.

Fortunately I decided to take a few pictures before work because later it was raining hard.

Many times I have spoken of Yokohama's "Exciting Space Game" Taito Station. The co-ordinates are 35°27'50.61"N 139°37'0.55"E.

It's probably where I have won the most items. It's usually where I end up after work.

Wins: 5+

Staff: Generally friendly and not too intimidating to ask to move items.

Potential for winning: high, with some help from staff.

Not far at 35°27'49.32"N 139°37'2.01"E, is the Breeze Sega.

Wins: One

Staff: Will only help out when you've lost a few 100 yen.

Potential for winning: Low. The staff are reluctant. Try Taito first

Nearby, not too far away is the Round 1 at 35°27'50.26"N 139°37'5.16"E.

This should be your last resort.

My only win here was the mama penguin for about 2000 yen. There's a big floor space of catchers, but it's hard to win stuff here.

Some look deceptively simple to sink, but require many tries. Besides the Cole Porter song, "Blow Gabriel Blow" they play on high rotation will drive you nuts. Walk away!! (or go bowling instead)

Finally, as I've mentioned in other posts, is Gento's Taito Game Park. The map directions are here .

I'm not going to post the pictures again. You can see where it is, and what it's like here.

Before anyone tries to tell me I missed Minato Mirai's Club Sega and Cosmo World. Yes, I know but I've never won anything from those and besides, writing these posts gets tiring. For me and for you.

Next stop. Shibuya and it's many arcades.