Thursday, 24 September 2015

Disney Sea

One of life's big decisions - Disneyland or Disney Sea?

 In the end Disney Sea won out. Ride-wise it's a no-brainer. I accidentally left my Mickey t-shirt here so my clothing for the day was easily decided. Coming along for the ride was my Mickey popcorn holder.

I won't repeat too much from what I said last time. You can read those details here.

One thing I wasn't counting on were the sh*tloads of high schoolers running riot. We didn't realise it was a holiday for them. This of course made the lines almost unbearably long and tiring. Even the line for the must-have curry popcorn took ages.

Highlights for today. The small girl holding her teddy bears, bawling her eyes out after riding the Tower of Terror (2nd row, seat 3 above), Aquatopia being closed (crap ride), and Toy Story Mania being as much fun as it was last time.


Limo said...

Hey Jimmy!! Looking forward to your yearly update!

Jimmy In Japan said...

Hi there! Before your comment I was actually thinking of posting. It's my 3 years from Japan tomorrow. I haven't been doing much that is that interesting, but I'll be updating soon!