Friday, 18 September 2015

Ochanomizu VS Akiba

I was feeling terribly hungover from last night. I don't drink in Australia like I used to drink here.

I was planning to do Tea Water and Akky on my posting day, but I was too damn tired after sending that stuff off. I really miss not having my bicycle. It took a long time to walk there (and back), but I need the exercise I suppose.

I stopped by Yasukuni shrine taking pictures along the way. I am taking more pictures in this holiday than I usually would if I was living here. When time is short, you don't want to take these moments for granted. 

Ochanomizu is much the same. Ishibashi has reshuffled their stock between stores but that's about it. I tried out an Edwards E-SE-108R relic'd SRV copy. It actually sounded pretty good. I know of a used one, so I have to be careful.

I also asked to try a Tokai AST-115. This is a copy of Fender's paisley strats. I prefer the Fender version personally. I was shocked that the sales guy would only let me try it if I was going to buy it. I told him I would need to try it to know. Maybe it was better that I didn't try it out. Do I need to be tempted?

I had a nikuman and used the Family Mart wifi and then made my way down to Akky.

I underestimated the time I needed to look around. I passed through a few of my favourite stores. In Mandarake I saw a copy of Ghosts n Goblins and Judgement Silversword for my Wonderswan, but both were much more than I'd want to pay for either.

The Hardoff store had the same stuff I swear was still there from almost two years ago. The Mac Collection Creators Land has some nice toys, a Volca Sample, Babyface. There was a very cool, Korg Polysix for about 60,000ish yen.

I didn't get to go everywhere I wanted. Shops were closing and it was getting dark. I took lots of photos. I don't think I ever took many photos of Akiba at night. With my long lens it wasn't too hard to do sneaky maid on the street pics.

By this time I really wished I had my bike. My feet were getting sore from seven hours of walking. I could've caught the train back but like I used to say, that's Crunky money!