Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tobu Zoo

As well as going to all the places I hold dear in my memory while I was here, I always wanted to do things that even while I was here I never got around to doing.

I don't know exactly what led me to this place but I remember I had stumbled across Tobu Zoo while looking online at Theme Park Reviews. Mind you this review dates back to 2004 which I hadn't noticed, and quite a few rides are no longer there anymore :(

Why would you go there? Two Words - Kawasemi and Regina. Oh and they also tacked on a zoo to this theme park!

Kawasemi was great. It's not the longest ride, but the drops, especially the first one is intense! Regina is a large wooden coaster. Not as smooth as Kawasemi, quite rickety but still worthwhile. We went on both twice. I know rebel, right?

The other rides are typical show/ basic theme park quality, but what is fantastic about this place is that it's nowhere near as crowded as f**kin' Disney! Imagine not waiting hours for one ride. *bliss*

Others have said not so nice things about the zoo part, but I thought it was a nice addition to the park and added some value to the price of admission. Highlights here were the white tigers and penguins. Must love penguins. Oh, and killer geese.

I'm hoping that the relative lack of people coming doesn't turn Tobu Zoo into Tokyo's version of  Nara Dreamland. I'm guessing they removed a few of their rides because they were getting into disrepair. It looks like their first ferris wheel (not operational) is already getting that trendy haikyo look urban explorers are going for.

Tobu Zoo is in Saitama. To get there catch the Tobu Skytree line to Tobu-Dobutsukoen station. While there is a bus, it's an easy 500m south-west walk virtually beeline. The entrance is on the northeast corner of the park. Just make sure you DON'T walk along the river path or you'll go too far in the wrong direction.