Sunday, 20 September 2015

Zushi the sequel

Today I went back to Zushi. Look how good that weather is!

The weather had been a bit iffy so I was thinking I wouldn't get a chance to return. For me Zushi is one of my zen places where I remember some of my happiest and not so happy times in Japan. It also reminds me of my favourite beaches I love in Australia like Burleigh Heads and Cape Hillsborough.

Like last time there were mostly windsurfers. Strangely enough some foreigners were having a beach BBQ playing loud music and drinking alcohol. I read they had banned all of the above which made me think that Zushi was going to lose everything that was fun about it. Seeing this put a smile on my face.

This was around the same time of year that I got massively stung by jellyfish, so I was more than wary of the same thing happening again. I had my cans of chu-hi but I wasn't going to run in head first again.

I did get a few stings from what we call sea lice in Australia. It made me feel uncomfortable for the rest of the week, but I'm glad I had a second chance to come here.