Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Day Before..

...I leave. Well this moment is here. It's actually already thursday morning 1:20am. I have given my old PC to the folks and reinstalled Windows and their programs. I know I should be having a last good night's rest but looks like it ain't happening.

I had a lovely day today. Firstly packing and cleaning my pig sty of a room. (All my toys are safely stored away. Yes that includes Robosapien and my robot dog "I-cybie").

I went to meet Elly for lunch and I decided on a Noodle Box Beef Satay. It was quite nice. Elly helped show me how to use chopsticks and rolled her eyes when I was doing a pretty crappy job of it.

I kept crossing the sticks. At least I won't get fat. I might even starve. Anyway bye bye, Elly. My absence may make you grow fonder. Hmm.. probably not.