Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Time is getting short

I meant to have everything done by now but it feels incredibly overwhelming. I have butterflies in my stomach that I didn't remember eating (sorry, bad joke). I'm meaning to clean up my room but it's just not happening. I WOULD like to come back to a room that looks in order.

I put Windows XP on my Mac. It seems to work ok but a few strange things. The USB ports are not working properly. The internet works on ethernet, but I think it might be playing with my wireless as the signal doesn't seem to be strong.

I even drove to the city to try it in places I've used it before. The library one worked sort of ok, but the law court's signal was weak. I probably will take XP off if it is the reason for the problems I'm having. Bit of a shame that, if I have to.

I'm so tired now. I haven't had dinner yet and its already 746pm. I still have things to do. I just want to burst into tears.