Saturday, 26 May 2007

Wasting Time In The City

I went to the city today. I used the off-peak saver bus ticket I got last night for today. Last night my old workmates had drinks and pizza at Arrivederci's. There are quite a few newbies that even the people I knew didn't know them yet. Still, it was good to say my last goodbyes before I leave next thursday.

I'm really quite tired now. I didn't really get much done. I got the new album's from Kings Of Leon, NIN and Linkin Park at the library. I only heard the Kings of Leon so far and it ain't too bad. Quite rockin' actually. Apart from that I had some KFC chips and did a quick wander around the city.

Tonight I am going out with Elly to the Dub. We were originally going to go to some gay clubs (it was her idea) in the valley but when I said I'd meet her in the mall she baulked and said it was too dangerous so we are going to go to my favourite backpackers bar. Doesn't bother me at all!

update: Elly has a cold and will not be joining me at the bar after all. I guess I'll be out on my own once again.