Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Instant Hair Removal

Shaving my face before I clipper my head!

I cut off all my hair today. After about a year and a half of my curly locks, I have decided to go maintenance-free and did a number two all round. I started at 9am with a nice new shave with the Gillette Fusion POWER. Not bad, a nice clean shave.

I started the cutting ritual at 930am and it took about 2 hours to finish it all up. A little bit of sadness but it had to be done.

I was meaning to go to the Japanese consulate as well, but I took too long trying to do some passport sized photos.

This is how I looked by the half way mark. I was going to leave it for that avant-garde 80's look but after about 10 seconds I got right into the next hour cutting.


avatar said...

Where are the photos? :(

Jimmy in Japan - said...

Whatever do you mean? Here are the photos. I put them up as soon as I could. I just wanted to get the posting online.