Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Picking up my Visa and Yen

It's a good enough day to be up by 10am. The bank called me up to pick up the 300,000 yen I ordered. That is approximately $3000 Australian dollars (Gotta love them zeros). The teller girl was a trainee and she asked how long I was going to be in Japan. She said have a good time, and you know what, it lifted my spirits. Yes, I will have a good time thank you very much!

I went to the library to download the boot camp software so I can run Windows for doing my tax return overseas. It's a shame the tax dept doesn't have a program for a Mac. The download took over an hour and a woman who had booked the PC was getting annoyed that I was taking up her time. After all that the download didn't work so it was a total waste of time.

I caught the bus to the city to pick up my visa and retry the Boot Camp download on my lappy at the law courts. I went to the Japanese Consulate to pick up my passport but the security guard said it wouldn't be open again until 2pm and I was there at 1pm. So here I am doing this post and getting my download. Boot Camp has only taken 15 minutes to get.