Thursday, 17 May 2007

The Japanese Work Visa

I am going to the Japanese Consulate to get my fricken visa at last. I got dropped off in the city and made my way to their office. On the way I dropped into the post office to ask if the passport/visa photos I had done myself were appropriate. I got a set of 6 pics on a standard photo for 30c at Harvey Norman. I can't justify ten dollars at a passport photo place to do the same thing.

This was my second attempt. These passport people are picky! The last time my head was apparently too big. (I do get a big head every once in a while). The lady said that the door behind me was not plain enough. You CAN make out the impressions of the door, but in a shrunken down size of a visa that is NOT going to be visible. Thankfully they accepted it at the consulate.

The security guard held onto my laptop and mobile phone, you know in case I'm a terrorist or something. It was over quite quickly and the bonus was it didn't cost anything. After all I've spent so far this is a GOOD thing.

Right now I'm at the QLD law courts. No, I didn't get arrested. I'm just using the free WIFI access to post these entries. I'm pretty beat but I feel like I've accomplished a bit today.

Here is the "after" visa photo from yesterday's shearing frenzy. Pretty spiffy eh? And I swear I got checked out from some cute latina babes in the city. Three cheers for me.