Friday, 13 June 2008

iPhone, I want

Some very interesting news.

Apple has announced that the new 3G iPhone will be distributed in Japan through Softbank next month. Great news for me considering it's the network I'm on.

My mobile phone bills are considerably tiny, since I chose their white plan. That, and the fact that I must be the only person in Japan using SMS rather than email to communicate.

I can't work out my bill though. For some reason it seems to vary even though I use it the same way every month. It helps when just about everyone I know is on Softbank (formally Vodaphone). With this news, they are sure to grab even more market-share from AU and DoCoMo.

I know I've only had my Windows phone for less than six months, but that iPhone is one sexy piece of kit.

It should be big over here. There's some interesting comment about it's impact here in Japan.

One of my peeves regarding my phone is the lack of a Japanese font and input (with an English WM6).

I've solved this small problem with some very useful Ce-Star software here.

Now my webpages show all the Japanese text I want to see and allows me to input data as well. Just like as if I had the WM6 Japanese ROM. Nice.

So, with GPS and wi-fi I won't be too envious of all the people that will soon be flashing their new iPhones around.

The only question now is, where is everyone going to hang their too cute little phone charms off their iPhone?