Saturday, 21 June 2008

Rule Of Threes

Ok, it's saturday and it's happening like I thought it would.

I left slightly later than I usually do to get to work in Tama Plaza. For some reason one of the trains was delayed by about ten minutes. Not much you'd think, but to make a connection that is enough to miss it easily.

What is cool about train delays in Japan (yes, they DO happen contrary to what you might think), is that the ticket gate master will issue a densha chien shoumei sho (電車遅延証明書) to excuse yourself being late for work.

To play it safe I grabbed one (My first since I arrived in Japan. How exciting). Luckily I still managed to catch my connection arriving to work in time.

Today I found out another teacher has left to go back home. I found out from other staff. While he told me he was thinking of leaving, it still feels quite sudden.

What made it especially saddening is that it looks like I'll be the last of my training group still here very soon.

See You.