Friday, 10 October 2008

Ghibli Playing Cards

While I've been a really good boy and stayed away from playing the UFO catchers (I still went, but I didn't play most of the time), I had a job to do.

The gf wanted to buy a pack of Ponyo playing cards for her friend's daughter. Looking around the shops it's quite hard to find them. So the only answer was for me to "win" them at the catchers.

For those that don't know, Ponyo is the latest animation for Studio Ghibli. Those that have seen it say it's not that great. More a children's tale than some of the others.

This took about 500 yen to sink. Cards are quite difficult to get quickly. They position the packs too far away from the chute. With some persuasion I got the staff to give me a fighting chance.

For me, my favourite Studio Ghibli is My Neighbour Totoro. If you see only one of these animations, let it be this one. Trust me, it's the best by far. For kids and adults it can't be beat.

Later after work I thought it'd be a good idea to go for the Totoro cards as well. Unfortunately this was harder than the Ponyo cards. If my maths is right, it cost me 1,200 yen. Not quite a bargain.

One nasty side effect of Ponyo publicity is hearing the theme song sung constantly on Japanese TV by 8 year old brat, Nozomi.

I'll take the Totoro song any day. Alternatively I'm open to "Don't Know Why Y Didn't Come".

Elmo makes this great.