Thursday, 9 October 2008

Happy Xmas, Jimmy Stink® Is Over (For Now)

Some may think this may be a redundant post (like the other 300 or so other ones I have done so far), but I'm feeling quite happy right about now.

One thing you find out pretty quickly is that Japanese deodorants aren't too good, judging from the funk you might smell on peak-hour trains in the summer. Actually even still now that summer is over, because JR and co. have decided that we don't need air-con on at all these days.


Worse yet, one of the most popular brands of Japanese deodorants (the one I always see on the shelves) is called "Gatsby". sugai! Yes, so gay.

The deodorant I was using in the meantime was Ag+ by Shiseido.

Yes, it's a girl's deodorant, but it's scentless, so I didn't smell like a girl thankfully.

It worked ok. I didn't really smell too bad, but it didn't make me feel dry. The hilarious thing is that for their advertising they use Grandma Betsy Lyons. You MUST check out the video on the previous link.


Anyway, thanks to BBD I now have some roll-on deodorants from the land of the free (and probably less stinky), a Mennen "Speed Stick" and Axe Dry "Essence".

On the Mennen Speed Stick it says on it "great clean scent". To this nose it smells like a just cleaned bathroom. Freshness!

For a bit of useless trivia, Mennen also produced the "Teen Spirit" deodorant for girls that Nirvana used as the title of their big breakthrough hit.

The Axe smells a bit more "manly". A bit hard to describe, but it's a typical scent if you're familiar with this brand.

I don't know which one to start with.

I was suggested one under each arm to see which one works best. So, from now on there will be slightly less Jimmystink® from me.