Monday, 27 October 2008

What Customer Service?

I got the call today from Bic Camera to say they won't exchange my phone because the mark is too small.

It seems pointless for them to even ask me to look it over if that's their attitude. Like I said previously, the mark is tiny. I can't even photograph it, because I don't have any macro function on any of my cameras. But it's still quite easy to spot with the naked eye.

The point is, "customer service" is not just selling the product, it has to do with customer satisfaction, and after-sales service as well.

Japanese are good at making the sale an experience, but if you come back with a problem, or not happy with it, "Too Bad".

You just have to grin and bear it.

I wonder if they even bothered to try to get me a replacement. I waited over an hour for them to call last night. If they were not going to do it, they could've saved me the wasted minutes of my life going back into Shinjuku to pick it up today.

Having said all that, Softbank are giving 5000 yen credit to people who recommend others to their service, AND to the new subscriber.

So, if you aren't too fussed about the (lack of) customer service in Japan, let me recommend you, and at least you and I can get something more out of this.