Thursday, 15 January 2009

Brisbane Snapshot

It's been just over a week since I came back from Australia. While I'm not rushing to book my final flight back, I was a little sad to be leaving.

On New Year's Eve I was once more at the Down Under Bar with wingman, celebrating the final moments of 2008. It was free entry, and they had a basic Hawaiian theme, which just meant they gave out leis for everyone to wear. That night I ended up with three.

Just for the memories I took quite a few pictures before I left Australia. Without further ado...

The new Krispy Kreme stores were a little hard to find, but being in Australia I could ask directions easily. Mouseover the picture to (eventually) see the 2nd storefront. Yes, I bought a half dozen for $10, but no complimentary donuts here. BOO!

The middle of the Queen St Mall at night. The red fast food joint in the corner looks familiar, right? Mouseover for a close-up.

In Australia, "Burger King" is called "Hungry Jacks". Same menu, different name.

This is also in the Queen St Mall. "Jimmy's on the Mall". Nice.

On my last night I walked across to Southbank to take a picture of the new Ferris wheel, and a view of the city.

Brisbane Square at night.

If there's one thing that I miss most of all, it would be my car. Almost every day I took the opportunity to drive my car around. I only played my guitars once or twice, but driving I REALLY missed.

You think my hair's getting long? Look who this is. This was taken more than ten years ago. The years go by pretty quick. It feels like yesterday.

Goodbye Brisbane.