Sunday, 25 January 2009

Garageband In A Japanese Mansion

These days it ain't much fun going out in the cold.

With my hankering for another guitar I thought it'd be a good time to fire up my little Steinberger guitar and busker's amp. I haven't plugged in for a while, so I have to be careful I don't let that battery lose all it's charge.

Thankfully it was still working, but by the end of my little jam I plugged it in the power outlet for more juice.

Once that was done, I thought it'd be fun to noodle around in Garageband and record some guitar lines. I found a nice "Arena Rock" preset that sounds like a Marshall cranked-up. Pretty convincing to my ears. One day you might get to hear some of it, possibly as the soundtrack to a Toyko video maybe.

We are out of milk today. At midnight we braved the freeze to go to Hanamasa for that, and some ham. It's damn cold out there.