Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

We opened up the new Mocha coffee I brought from Australia.

I wasn't sure whether to start the other 500 gram Ethiopian coffee I had or this one. While it's not too bad, this Merlo coffee has a preferable, fuller flavour.

Tonight we had station beers indoors for a while. One of the other guys had brought some Red Horse Beer from his trip to the Philippines. It's surprisingly easy to drink for a 6.9% beer. Dangerous.

On the way home a young Japanese couple were hanging in the middle of the train, with the girl looking a little tipsy. We noticed how the guy didn't seem to take advantage of this situation. Looks like they could speak a bit of English, so after the girl was making eyes at me they spoke to us.

Apparently they have been together for three years. He mentioned that he'd spent a year in Melbourne. Going our separate ways, HE gave me his business card.