Sunday, 4 January 2009

Come Fly With Me.. Or Not

Today was meant to be my last day in Brisbane.

I got up at 530am this morning to get ready and drive all the way to the Gold Coast to catch my 1050am flight. I was all ready to go..

It took no time getting through customs, so I waited, and waited. Finally over the intercom they said they had to fly a part from Melbourne to repair a fault on Jetstar JQ11.

Narita airport has a curfew, so even if they fixed it that night the plane wouldn't be allowed to land.

There were a lot of people waiting at the gate, mostly Japanese. They gave us a letter explaining the delay, to give to employers, so that should excuse me from work tomorrow.

I sent them an email (hope they get it), called HQ to an answering machine I didn't understand. They read my blog so eventually the message will get through.


I think I started something when I took a photo of the delay sign. All the other Japanese started taking photos of it as well.

They've put me up in a nice hotel, the Sebel, with dinner included.