Saturday, 14 March 2009

White Day Number 2

The clock struck midnight. I said "Happy White Day", and remarked that I hadn't bought any chocolates.

She thought she had me worked out when she found my "hidden" Wonka chocolate in the fridge.

That WAS going to be my White Day gift, but even that felt a little lame to me, so while in Yokohama I saw a jumbo box of Crunky with a love heart on the front. At first I thought even this was cheesy, but she would "get it".

Just in case, I got some Napoleon Brandy bon-bons as backup.

I couldn't wait till tomorrow, so I told her to look up and see them on top of the cabinet. Surprisingly, she wasn't really into Brandy chocolates, thinking the alcohol would be too strong?? Crunky to the rescue!

I made a coffee to compliment the chocolates with the water-flavoured low fat milk I bought earlier in the week. Last time I buy that crap.

Not only is the Crunky in a big box, but the pieces are jumbo sized too.

They reminded me of Toblerone.

So that's another White Day taken care of. I think I did ok. Mission Accomplished!

While on the subject of chocolate, I may as well mention the Pocky Men's chocolate I bought for 100 yen at a drugstore in Nakano on Monday.

Yes, that's right, MEN'S chocolate.

What makes it particularly manly?

Supposedly it's the use of slightly bitter dark chocolate that women must find unpalatable. It doesn't taste all that different to me, although it DOES make me think of the Pocky girl, and that catchy Oshare Banchou song.

Finally, "sign on the week" has to go to this one in Yotsuya station. If anyone can tell me what "Primitive Air" means, please let me know!

I think this has been put up to promote White Day for the stores in the Atre building above the station.

This is what all girls in Japan look like. "Dere's gold in dem hills".

Charity is worth it when it looks that good.