Saturday, 28 March 2009

One Step Closer

As one school year ends and another one starts, I always wait with bated breath to learn my fate for the year to come.

HQ sends out preference questionnaires on where we'd like to be for the following year. I suspect they take this with a grain of salt, the same way I use the red man light for determining when to cross the street.

I was happy to get Iidabashi which thankfully is close to home, but in gaining that school I lost Ginza which was a similar distance on the same day.

Wednesdays are similar to before with some kids classes at Yokohama. It has a good vibe, and I don't mind being located here.

Sadly I've missed out on Tama Plaza, getting "rewarded" with an earlier shift on Saturdays, and further travel to Aobadai on the same line. Today was my last day there and out of all the schools I actually felt really sad to be leaving it behind. I saw some of my kids here, and the parents seemed genuinely sad that I was leaving this school.

I thought it couldn't get worse until I got notified today of a triple slap to the face.

On Mondays I'll be doing kindergarden classes, starting EARLY in the morning (a nicely packed in rush hour), at over an hour's travel to get there in Tama Center. I guess that's my "fix" from Tachikawa.

Let it be a good year, please.